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Farm, agricultural and rural security

The Top thefts from farms and rural businesses

Tractors trailers 4 x 4’s scrap metal



Power tools



*stats (NFU 2010)

Today farms, farming equipment, outbuildings and oil tanks are all targets for thieves. Security is a difficult trade off between keeping a watch and getting on with the everyday task of running a farm. Farm security systems from Intruder Alarms will free you up to move around the farm, safe in the knowledge that when anyone enters your farm or interfere with your farm and equipment, you will know.

Farm security

Thanks to the latest wired or wireless technology from local security experts Intruder Alarms there are effective actions you can take to make your farm, farming equipment and oil tanks secure and give you peace of mind. Once installed, you can upgrade your farm security system at any time. Annually we will let you know of upgrades to improve security further

Livestock welfare and security

Farm security from Intruder alarms have many other benefits and applications to make your farm easier to run. This includes monitoring your animals for security and during lambing, foaling and calving. Other flexible options available include Horse Box security enabling you to monitor your precious cargo as you travel along.

Rural security

Sadly property and businesses in rural areas are now the target for thieves who steal high value equipment, metal and oil from domestic and farm oil tanks. Specialists Intruder alarms have a range of flexible options for rural security such as:

  • Alarms for church roofs, with the option of remote wireless to your mobile or a siren deterrent
  • Oil tank alarms
  • Farm gate alarms and sensors
  • Warning direct to your mobile when your machinery shuts down without warning

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